Moving forward

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It’s been a week since my undergraduate commencement. One week since myself and 763 other members of my class walked across that stage to receive our diploma holders. It’s strange.

I was fortunate enough to have so many of my loved ones there, from my high school English teacher to friends from back home to my wonderful, wonderful family. There were far too many leis, embarrassing sandal tans, and lots and lots of photos. It was an amazing and terribly exhausting day.

I’ve been reflecting (surprise, surprise) on the whole experience. In doing this, I’ve found that I tend to fixate on the negatives over the positives. I’ve got to stop doing that. I mean, I gave the valedictory address to the largest graduating class in school history, for crying out loud. Life is pretty good, right?

It is, but – and that but is key. Continue reading “Moving forward”