Clocking in

Hello and welcome to another blog post that has been published past midnight.

Today was a wonderful day. I’ve grown a bit too attached to my new phone, but I’m sure that will wear off once it loses its newness. It should be noted that I bought my phone off of eBay so it’s not entirely wasteful (or entirely “new,” really). I’ve been thinking a lot about possessions lately and how people become so drawn to the latest-anything. I think I’ll blame my conscience on how my Soc professor chose to show us “Affluenza” last week. That has to be it.

No but really, once upon a time (which really wasn’t that long ago due to the fact that I am a mere freshman in college) I concerned myself so much with being an anti-consumer. I clearly have not succeeded but it was a fun time loaded with a oodles and oodles of optimism, frugality, Adbusters, guerrilla art, and a strong fascination with flash mobs. I still believe we can change our ways, but it all boils down to having it catch on and making thriftiness a trendy thing. I suppose one could argue that some hipsters are doing this, but it’s important to remember that people will in fact pay large amounts of money for something that can definitely be procured at the local Goodwill.

Meh. Maybe it won’t start with fashion. Maybe it will start with something else. Maybe Groupon will play a role. Maybe, maybe, maybe.


On deadlines and other things

Here it is, blog post numero dos. But what’s this? April 3rd? What happened to April 2nd? Well my friend, I will tell you that it is still, in fact,  April 2nd… in my mind. For this college freshman, the next day doesn’t start until I wake up the next morning.

Oh sleep. We see each other fairly often during the week, but sometimes it just isn’t enough. Sometimes it’s voluntary, but other times it’s just poor planning on my part.

But enough about that. This day went fairly well. I kicked off De La Salle week with a meditation workshop in Delphine. It was wonderful. I’m already enrolled in Brother’s weekly prayer & meditation class, but we did something that we don’t normally do, which is meditation on scripture. It honestly sounds so bizarre when I try to explain it, but meditation is an amazing thing. In class, we do a meditation on our inner chapel and I told Brother that the chapel of my mind had turned into a cathedral this week and he smiled, saying that it may be a sign of spiritual growth.

It touched me when he said that. It really did.

The rest of the day was filled with petty things. Some homework, Final Four games, new phone in the mail, etc. Tomorrow (today?) will be a work day. Let’s go productivity!