The end of March

I am writing this post from the family living room, where it’s quiet enough to hear the rain patter against the roof. My father and my sister are still sleeping.

Like everyone else at school, I am so happy that it’s Easter Recess.

I know I say this all the time, but I really need to be better at updating this blog. For all the talk I do about the benefits of reflection, I’d say I’m really missing out on a good opportunity to reflect by neglecting this blog. Here’s a quick update of what I did during March:

  • Saint Patrick’s Day
  • Selection Sunday
  • Babysitting with Melissa
  • Two interviews
  • The Hunger Games in IMAX
  • More social justice planning

I’d say that it was a pretty good month. Yesterday I had Indian food with my friends and then we crossed the street to get our sugar fix at Powell’s.

Here’s a Saint Patrick’s-day related photo to make up for lost time. Hooray for free french fries and green sauce.

Less tomato-y than ketchup


Today, my campus organized an amazing rally in light of the second sexual assault case reported in two weeks. The Facebook event went up late last night. We were encouraged to wear pink.

It was amazing. Everyone that came up to speak did a stand-up job. I’m still processing everything. I walked away from the rally feeling like we need to continue this dialogue. We have to. It will. This rally was largely student-organized, so this shows that students can and will make things happen.

I’ll echo the statement that I heard over and over again at the rally: I am so proud to be a Gael right now.

One month down

It’s so strange, thinking about how I’ve been here for over a month. Quite a bit has happened since my last post, but I haven’t had a whole lot of time to blog. Life has kept me busy. It’s pretty glorious.

Another reason I haven’t been blogging: I now believe that the best blog posts have at least one photo. So here’s a photo for you:

This was taken last Wednesday in the Women’s Resource Center. The lovely woman in the center is Betty Reid Soskin, who came to speak as a part of the WRC’s “Defining You” event series. She is an extraordinary and inspiring person. I wrote an article about the event for the upcoming issue of the Collegian, but I really feel like my article didn’t encapsulate all of the amazing things she said that night.

Despite my inability to capture greatness in 300 words, I’ll be sure to post my article here. I really want to become a regular contributor to the paper… I’m starting to think journalism is something I’d really like to have in my future.

I wouldn’t put it past me to have a totally different game plan after another month, though. Betty told us that change “is an irresistible force.” I think I’d have to agree.

One week down

Hooray for surviving my first week of sophomore year! Ally and I baked cookies for our entire hall for move-in day last Sunday, and yes, we stayed up until two in the morning to make sure we didn’t burn the lounge down.

We had a brilliant idea to include a slip of paper that said “Stay fresh!” (because the cookies were mint-flavored, hur hur hur) on it, but we decided that was too dorky (even for us).

The rest of the week was pretty standard. I’m adjusting to my workload, but I can tell this year is going to be amazing.