Today, my campus organized an amazing rally in light of the second sexual assault case reported in two weeks. The Facebook event went up late last night. We were encouraged to wear pink.

It was amazing. Everyone that came up to speak did a stand-up job. I’m still processing everything. I walked away from the rally feeling like we need to continue this dialogue. We have to. It will. This rally was largely student-organized, so this shows that students can and will make things happen.

I’ll echo the statement that I heard over and over again at the rally: I am so proud to be a Gael right now.

One week down

Hooray for surviving my first week of sophomore year! Ally and I baked cookies for our entire hall for move-in day last Sunday, and yes, we stayed up until two in the morning to make sure we didn’t burn the lounge down.

We had a brilliant idea to include a slip of paper that said “Stay fresh!” (because the cookies were mint-flavored, hur hur hur) on it, but we decided that was too dorky (even for us).

The rest of the week was pretty standard. I’m adjusting to my workload, but I can tell this year is going to be amazing.