This is not a blog post

By adrianserghie at deviantART

It’s been a while since I wrote something up here. I think I had the blogging itch for about two weeks, and then I was back to writing in my physical journal. But I want to be better at updating this thing (she says, echoing the countless other times she has said this on other blogs).

However, in order to do that, I should probably have something I want to say and share with others. That’s the whole point of a public blog, right?

For a while I was posting about my own life experiences, but that puts me in a situation where I have a finite amount of material – and then these posts inadvertently began to resemble pieces of advice. Upon noticing this, I began to feel uncomfortable. Am I qualified to make those judgements and dispense advice? I mean, what do I really know about the world? Continue reading “This is not a blog post”


Small updates

Hello everyone. I’ve added some essays (and some of my graphic design work) to the Best Work section of my website. You can check that out by clicking here. I also added my freshman year reflection onto the Reflection section of the site – click here to go to the page and watch the embedded video. Yes, Justher does jump cuts. Jump cuts always make vlog-type videos look so snappy.