Banana slugs and boy bands

Last Friday I had the privilege of visiting UC Santa Cruz (thanks to the very lovely ABrooks – I’m still incredibly sorry about getting us lost on the way back, by the way). I spent a good amount of time with my friends on their huge UC campus and we did some great college-y things. Smoothies! Hills! Sushi! Views!  It was all very wonderful.

I also had a bit of a jam session in the lounge and A&K’s dorm room. It was a bunch of fun, even though AT didn’t tell us she was filming all of it.

It was a good thing I couldn’t figure out the bridge to “Tearin’ Up My Heart” at that moment; I’m not sure if those dudes appreciate NSync as much as we do. After trying my best to do justice to this musical masterpiece of the 90s, K mentioned her awesome sound equipment and how I could jam with her and TCan over the summer. I’m more than down. Internet, get ready for a 90s revival. Now I need to find me a decent alias…


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