Looking forward

I’m starting to do that thing again. I suppose it’s only natural, considering I’m on Easter break and I have quite a bit of idle time (even though I really shouldn’t because hello, two papers need to be finished and I have yet to start on the second), but this thing has the potential to be dangerous if I get carried away. There’s a fine line between a healthy imagination and that of an untethered idealist and I admit, I’ve been dancing around that line quite frequently.

I’m planning for the future when I should be paying attention to what I can do right now. I know every action requires a bit of thought beforehand, but when a course of action is months or years away while I have deadlines coming up in a matter of weeks, it’s probably time for me to focus on what’s happening sooner rather than later.

I think I should start making lists again. It’s time to unclutter my mind and calm these ideas, if only for a little while.


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