Forget yesterday

I, Justher Gutierrez, do hereby apologize for not making a post yesterday-slash-early-this-morning. I had a bit of a tussle with sleep and sleep ended up winning.

Anyway, yesterday was Gael for a Day and it was a lot of fun, despite the limited time I had with my prospective student. I always get so excited when I see these high school seniors and hear about all the schools they are considering. I love hearing about the plans people have. I love when those plans go beyond simply making money.

I also went to a screening of “The Philosopher Kings” as a part of De La Salle week. It was wonderful and yes, if anyone was wondering, I also took one of the posters that the event coordinators hung up outside of De La Salle. It was a good film about the custodial and maintenance workers of college campuses. What really got to me was the power of actually acknowledging someone and letting them know that I appreciate their work. Everyone seeks a connection, and it’s like what Brother Camillus always says: When you love someone, you pay attention.

I recently realized how much I appreciate it when someone actually sees me. Soon after this realization, I realized that this happens far less often than it should. We go to our classes, we say we’re present, but are we actually here for the people around us?


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