Got a buzz like Aldrin

The De La Salle Week events keep rolling right along. This evening I went to see Jimmie Briggs speak at the Soda Center. It was a fabulous talk and I really enjoyed learning about the Man Up Campaign, which is a campaign that seeks to end violence against women. However, unlike other campaigns, this one takes a slightly different approach by making active use of male allies and encouraging alternative forms of masculinity. Mr. Briggs spoke with such candor and it really got to me. I loved it and I really do feel inspired to do something. He encouraged us to reach out to the WRC and speak to our peers about the problem of violence against women.

One thing that really stuck out to me was his criticism of the media. As someone who both loves and hates the media for its power to inspire and influence, I found it interesting how he eventually grew wary of the media as a journalist. The media perpetuates these ideas of masculinity and women as objects. As Mr. Briggs said, we reward the perpetrators and silence the victims. It’s important that we change that. I think I could quote him throughout this whole blog post, but I’ll end on this note: this shouldn’t be categorized as a women’s issue – it’s a human issue. We must utilize (not lament) the power that men have in order to end this violence.

Check out for more information.


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