A post about posting

Good afternoon, world. It’s me, Justher. Today is beautiful, sunny Friday in Moraga, California and I am loving it. It’s been a wonderful week – yesterday I had seminar class outside near the statue of De La Salle and it was wonderful. I love seeing other classes doing the same because really, it would be a shame to let such good weather continue on while we’re cooped up in a classroom. Soak it up. Life is good.

I’m going to take a break from that irritatingly cheery paragraph to tell you a little secret: I’m still getting used to this whole blogging thing. I know that sounds more than a little strange because I’ve been using blogs since middle school, but it’s never been anything extremely meaningful. It’s high time I did something more meaningful on the internet. Part of me really wants to do something like VEDA, which is a project that stands for Vlog Every Day in April, but I would feel really bad if I couldn’t follow through on it. I suppose it’s no big deal whether or not I actually post every day since it’s more for me than anything else, but still.

Eh, it’s time to stop doting over it. I’ll do it. Let’s hope my posts only become better – for both our sakes.

But before I really dive into it, I should probably go over the different things I can post. I mean, it’s always important to think about whether or not I’ll be able to remain entertaining. This is the internet, after all. Let’s see. There’s the standard “Today I…” but I highly doubt that every day of April is going to bring something worthy of being posted on the internet – regardless of what websites such as Twitter or Facebook may tell you. Not that I think I’m above those sites – I have accounts on both – but I want to try my best at these posts. I’m probably going to lean more toward a personal history angle with the occasional conventional blog post. And maybe some stuff on music. And pictures. And maybe even video.

Okay, so it’ll be whatever I feel like posting. But I assure you, every post will have a good amount of love put into it… and if I’m feeling particularly good, I might even post more than once a day. Get excited.


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